Imagine Picasso

200 paintings in one exhibition

15.11.2023 – 07.04.2024

Lichthalle MAAG, Zurich

Extended due to high demand!

On the 50th anniversary of his death, the Lichthalle MAAG is honouring Pablo Picasso, unquestionably one of the most influential and popular artists of the 20<sup>th</sup> century, with an immersive exhibition. “Imagine Picasso” takes visitors on a journey through the works of Pablo Picasso. The exhibition was designed by the pioneers of immersive art, Annabelle Mauger and Julien Baron and presents over 200 of Picasso’s paintings, which are appearing on display together for the first time. The immersive display offers a unique insight into the evolution of one of the most productive and creative geniuses of all time – from the Blue and Rose Periods through to his cubist and surrealist masterpieces.

Thanks to Image Totale©, the technology behind the original concept of the immersive exhibition, visitors can explore the depths of Picasso’s creative universe in completely new ways, examine the finer details of his paintings and experience the extraordinary power of Picasso’s work. The paintings are projected onto huge origami structures, walls and floor, to deconstruct and restructure the work of the Master of Modern Art.

After great success in Lyon, Quebec, Vancouver, Atlanta, San Francisco, Madrid and Sao Paulo, the exhibition is finally coming to Switzerland.